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Regenerative Agriculture

This micromodule will give us understanding of Regenerative Agriculture's process for sustainable food production, and why it is gaining more importance now a days for enhancing the environment, food and nutrition, and for farmers.

In this Micromodule, you will get an overview of the Regenerative Agriculture.

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  • 2016_Sheetal et al. Improving-Resource-Use-Efficiency-of-Cereal-Based-C[...].pdf
  • 2017_Singh_et_al-2017-Plant_and_Soil (1).pdf
  • 2015_Soil health mapping-IDC-ICRISAT vf.pdf
  • 2014_ Liak et al AEA 2014 on-line (5).pdf
  • 2015_Alam et al FCR 2015 on-line (1).pdf
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