Welcome to IRRI Microlearning

The initiative by IRRI Education for future learning

IRRI Micromodules is IRRI Education’s initiative to use microlearning for offering bite-size learning units to share the innovations and technologies of IRRI. The IRRI’s Micromodules consists of a short interactive e-learning module to explain the concepts, a short knowledge check to test your learning, and a link to the specific additional learning resources like full-text publication. 

Microlearning Themes

Rice Farm Management

Develop the skills for planning the farm’s annual operations including finances, crop calendar and variety selection in this course.

Digital Agriculture

IRRI develops and maintains digital tools and databases designed to support the scientific research and practical farm management needs of all rice sector actors. 

Rice Breeding Innovations

Accelerating the rate of genetic gain through the adoption of innovative
and modern breeding approaches and best practices—including precision phenotyping for key biotic,
abiotic, grain and nutrition traits; breeding analytics;
germplasm analyses; molecular breeding; pre-breeding; and genotyping support.

Research Proposal Writing

This category aims to enhance the participants’ knowledge on the whole project planning cycle and hone their skills on research/project proposal preparation.

Water Management

In this category, participants will be able to know more about the significance of water to rice production, its current challenges, and the different water management techniques.